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Electric Wheelbarrow by Muck-Truck - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery last?
The machine will run 3.5hrs continuously, fully loaded at full speed.

What is the carry capacity of the Electric Wheelbarrow?
550lbs (250kg)

What incline will a fully loaded Electric Wheelbarrow climb?
It will climb 25°.

What should I know about the maintenance of the Electric Wheelbarrow & battery?
The battery can be re-charged at any time (you do not have to wait for it to be completely depleted.) This will not affect the battery life or memory. The batteries cannot be overcharged, it will automatically discontinue charge when it is full. Always check tire pressure before use.Do not exceed the loading capacity of 550lbs (250kg).

How many batteries are fitted to the truck?
There are 4 x 12 volt batteries. The transmission power is 24 volts. There is an option available to purchase 2 additional batteries, this will increase your battery life by 50%.

How do I tip the bucket?
Release the bucket lock lever with your right hand. Slightly raise BOTH handles. The bucket will pivot forward, and dump/release the load.

Can I use the Electric Wheelbarrow in a confined space?
Yes absolutely, the machine is only 28” wide. There are no gas fumes, which makes this machine ideal for use in basements, sellers, hazardous environments and even mines.

How quickly can I interchange the Electric Wheelbarrow accessories?
It takes a few seconds. Remove the lynch pin, slide your bucket off, and replace it with your choice of accessory. Don’t forget to put the lynch pin back to secure the chosen accessory.


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